What can I do in the summer holidays? -A (would be nice-)to-do list free printable.

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It's school/pre-school break up week. For us that also means a lot of our regular toddler classes are also on break for summer and so, we've got to figure out something to do that isn't watching Hilda on Netflix while eating 10 courses of ice lollies every day. It's also our last summer before we have a child in actual, real life, shits-getting-real, SCHOOL. If you've seen that "we only get 18 summers" meme you'll of course know that you must quit your job for 6 weeks in order to make this summer be THE MOST FUN SUMMER EVER WITH ALL THE MAGICAL MEMORIES AND IF EVERY MINUTE ISN'T INTENSELY BEAUTIFUL YOU HAVE FAILED AS A PARENT.

As much as this intense pressure to have a great time gives me anxiety sweats and I am soooo not into organised fun-plus I'm totally aware my kids are 4 and 2 so aren't likely to remember any real specifics, I *do* want to have a lovely summer with them, particularly the freedom we currently have to decide to go somewhere on the spur of the moment on a weekday (work schedule allowing) that we won't have once school starts. Or the next 14-16 years. *googles home schooling again*

So I'm coming up with not so much a summer bucket list, or summer to do list, more of summer (would be nice-)to-do list. It won't be too ambitious-the four of us probably won't master the art of paddle boarding in the 2 family days we get per week, but maybe one day we will just...paddle. 10 courses of ice lollies in a day does also sound pretty good-my four year old could probably do that in an hour to be honest.

adult hand and child hand writing out a fun summer bucket list together

If you'd like to join me in a (would be nice-)to-do list that would be wonderful-but no worries if not. I've created a little printable if you want somewhere pretty to write out your maybe ideas.

And if you need a little not too ambitious inspo, mine includes-

picking in season fruits

paddle/swim in the sea

practise getting up early (school run will start at 7.40, HELP ME)

watch a film with popcorn and other assorted snacks

try a rowing boat on the canal

eat chips on the beach

paint a big picture together

picnics x as many as poss

try to see some shooting stars (Perseids meteor shower is August 12th FYI)

feed some ducks

get some books on starting school out from the library

pencil case shopping (I'm not sure if this is needed for Reception year but it's Auguest/September tradition right?)

 summer to do list on colourful illustrated paper, taped onto a cupboard front



Get the free printable here, I'd love to see what you might have planned for the summer so tag me on IG (@inkandtot) if you use it!

If you'd like a craft to do over summer, check out my free wreath/collage/colouring printable, or there's a blog post with more indoor ideas too.

Also recommend checking out Print Play Learn, Play Hooray! and 5 Minute Fun.


 printable summer to do list sheet




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