Kid Craft-How to Make a Paper and Card Floral Wreath at home-Free Printable!

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After making my own Christmas wreath last year and converting it to a spring one recently, I was inspired to also make a crafty DIY one for the kids. My four year old isn't particularly interested in drawing or colouring at the moment- but sticking? She would glue and stick ALL DAY. So I decided to take over the drawing part and made a sheet of simple floral illustrations ready to do some wreath crafting together!





Colouring Pencils



Ink and Tot Printable Flowers Sheet

1 large plate (like an adult dinner plate)

1 small plate (like a child dinner plate)


drawing round plates to make a cardboard wreath

1. Raid the recycling pile for some cardboard and draw round your large plate first before placing your small plate inside that circle and drawing around that too. Cut the hoop shape out and there you go-your very own, incredibly high tech, wreath shape.


2. Download and print the Ink and Tot Flower Sheet


child colouring in a sheet of illustrated flowers

3. Colour in the flowers in as many different colours as you like!


4. Have an adult carefully cut out the flower shapes-it can be a little fiddly but it doesn't have to be perfect! I recommend passing each cut out flower to the child in charge of sticking, so they can begin the next step as the adult continues with the cutting out.

child crafting and sticking paper flowers onto a handmade cardboard wreath

5. Stick those flowers down onto the cardboard hoop! It doesnt matter if some overlap or hang off the edge a little-it even makes it look a little better in my opinion, more like they really have grown there.


6. Once all the flowers have been stuck down, make a hole in the cardboard and loop some string through, ready to hang your handmade, family made, paper floral wreath!

handmade paper flower wreath for kids


If you want to really fill every space on the card, just print the sheet out twice-maybe some collaborative colouring?! You could also use the sheet to stick onto a card crown ready for festival season, you could even just colour it in and stick it up on the fridge, or maybe even frame it!

What to do with ink and Tot printable -a graphic


Leave a comment if you're going to try it and don't forget to tag me in the final results on social media -@inkandtot.


If you want to add this to a Pinterest board because you're an organised, crafty parent, you can use the image below!




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