The New Ink and Tot

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Introducing the brand new Ink and Tot shop...

Hi Everyone!

So most of you will probably be following this journey over from its origins as HVRaymond Studio *waves to you*.

I started as HVRaymond Studio at the end of 2016 as a way to showcase some illustrations. Come the beginning of 2017 I'd decided to set up a shop with real life products, and stuck with the name as I figured whatever I created would be made by me- H.V.Raymond, so it would stay relevant. As I carried on my business, learning so much along the way -shout out to the Doing It For The Kids and The Social Renegade communities- I began to get more of a feel for my own brand, and where my heart was happy.

With that, I began to evaluate what was important to me and what brought me joy (sorry, not holding back on the cheesy cliches here).

mamas hand drawing with sleeping baby

Fitting in some drawing around a new baby- literal ink and tot...

I still LOVE drawing, and that will always be the beginnings of anything in the shop- a hand drawn- proper pencil on paper- design. Exploring nature through the eyes of a child-with feelings of magic and wonder-is what fuels the original designs, and I'm experiencing that imagination and enthusiasm all over again as my two sprogs grow. I'm using it to inspire me and then put that outcome on art prints, little baby tees and even a few adult clothes too. 

I've still got those emo grunge vibes from my youth in my soul, so no designs will be overly cutesy or babyish, I envision seeing the same print up in a babies nursery as in a Pinterest worthy living room. Kids clothes will be kids clothes, not boys or girls, for the moment they'll be going up to 5-6 years in age but I'd love to expand on that in the future.

With these loves in mind- design and kids clothes- the idea of Ink and Tot popped into my head pretty much immediately, pretty much fully formed. Like everyone who has a rebrand, I questioned if it was the best move, but having received plenty of encouragement and support, I am forging ahead with it and putting (quite literally) everything I've got into it. I really hope you continue to support me and really get what I'm creating.

You can find me over on Instagram -@inkandtot, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and I'll be using the hashtag #playfulgrunge on my images, so please join in and build a community with me!

Thank you, and here's to you. And screw it, here's to me and Ink and Tot too!

child on beach with information about new store

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