art print- sun and moon in the sky legend-for fairytale kids rooms

The Sun and The Moon Art Print

  • £15.00

A digital illustration depicting an old tale of how the Sun and the Moon came to be in the sky. This quirky print would bring a magical touch to any home,a fairy tale nursery or a space theme children's bedroom.

An old legend tells of how the Sun and Moon once lived on Earth. They wanted the Sea to visit their home, but it was not large enough. So the Sun and Moon built a bigger house and invited the Sea over. The Sea said "Are you sure? I am very large and have lots of friends" and when the Sun and Moon said yes, it began to pour in. Numerous times the Sea asked "Are you sure?" and the Sun and Moon said yes, and kept moving further and further out of the Sea's way. Eventually, they were on the roof of their house, but still told the Sea to keep coming in. The Sea and all it's friends filled the house, so the Sun and Moon leapt up into the sky out of they way, and have stayed there ever since.

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