Moth Round Wooden Wall Hanging

  • £15.00
  • Save £5

Upcycled wooden plaque, hand painted with a mix of chalk, acrylic and gouache.

As every piece is hand painted, every piece is original and unique, and could not be exactly replicated even if I wanted to, you’ll be getting your hands on a really special piece.

Featuring a beautiful moth, with wings patterned with what looks like eyes, plus moon and stars. Painted on a dark lavender background, and really bold pinks and blues.

As a hand painted item, it has character rather than being completely perfect. On this moth, you’ll be able to see brush strokes and textures.

Approximately 15cm across, ready to hand with a D-ring on the back.

Please note that whilst this item has been varnished, it is for indoor use only and care should be taken not to scratch the surface. Clean with a soft, dry cloth.

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