How to Live on the Moon

The Autumn Winter 2018 collection from Ink and Tot- How to Live on the Moon.

A collection of celestial goods including  magical art prints and space theme clothing for mini astronauts, future astrophycists and rocket scientists in training.

Drop One - The Legends and The Learning

Before beginning the journey to the moon, students must enroll in the Ink and Tot Astro Academy. Here they will learn about the myths and legends of space from numerous celestial textbooks, use telescopes to map out the stars for themselves and study the constellations. At the end of the course they may even write their own thesis on lunar legends.


Drop Two - The Journey and The Conclusions

Qualified students must now ready themselves for their expedition, using their space knowledge to pack carefully, operate the rocketship and countdown to blast off. Once safely on the moon, they will conduct research into settling there permanently and help to build a flourishing, kind community who will take good care of their new home.