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Ink and Tot is a unique clothing and home decor store for kids and grown ups with hand drawn illustrations at its core. It is run from my home on the South Coast, surrounded by my colleagues (two wild children) and endless cups of tea.

Exploring nature through the eyes of a child-with feelings of magic and wonder-is what fuels the original designs. This results in art prints that are playful but also a little sentimental and nostalgic, suitable for insta-worthy walls and super special brand new nursery rooms alike.

Clothing is made for having fun in. Girls and boys alike can wear tees and sweatshirts with designs that are quirky and special. Not too cute but not too grown up. Lettings kids be kids but respecting that they are awesome, cool little humans in their own right.

Boundless imagination and enthusiasm for discovering new ways to play outdoors is an art I wish I could bottle up and keep. Failing that, I'm using it to inspire me and put the outcome on your walls and your clothes!

All printing and making is done in the UK either by me or by UK based small businesses. Shopping small and supporting families in following their dreams is something else I am passionate about and do whenever possible.

Going forward, wherever possible, packing materials will be made from recycled materials, be recyclable themselves or be biodegradable.

Thank you for your support, don't forget to follow and tag me on social media- find me @inkandtot on most platforms and use the hashtag #playfulgrunge on Instagram to grow our community!

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