Give A Map Gift (Redeemable in 2022)

  • £49.00

“I can’t think of a nicer gift than your map!”

Give the gift of memories, love and adventure all rolled up together! (Literally, the map comes rolled up in a tube)

If you fancy gifting a custom map to a friend or family member, but want them to choose all their special places themselves, you can now prepay their map in advance, allowing them to email the details when they’re ready.

Please take a look at the map listings to see which option you’d like to go for -prices range from £49 -£129, then choose the equivalent value from the menu below.

You will then get sent a printed paper token, with instructions and information, to wrap and pass on to the recipient. Alternatively, I can send straight to their address, leave a note at checkout and I can write them a note from you! They can then have a look on the website and email me when they’re ready.

A beautiful, sentimental gift, with none of the pressure of trying to plan it for them.

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