The Custom Family Adventure Map - Wild Adventures

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The Wild Adventure package allows you additional custom drawn icons, in the original colour palette. These could be from photos of a special place, or a really niche thing that an icon doesn't exist for! Previous customers have included wedding venues, a relatives house and local landmarks. These drawings are in addition to your home and place of worship custom drawings.


(full details on the product and process are further down the page)

1. Think of your favourite family places and choose the icons that represent them. You can stick with the provided titles for them e.g. "Campsite", or let me know your own preffered title. I recommend 14-18 icons.

2. Find out the postcodes for these places.

3. Take a photo of your home (and place of worship if needed) as well as your additional places to be custom drawn.

4. Place your order then send an email with "Map + Your Name" as the subject, to, letting me know your family name for personalisation, plus the icon information and photos. I'll be touch to confirm I have all the necessary details to begin!

If you'd like even more customisations such as a different colour palette, consider the Freedom Adventures package!

So what's it all about?

Curiosity, adventure, family memories and a little bit of magic. The makings of a much loved childhood. As a way to commemorate these moments, remember the special places you take trips to, the exciting visits you make, Ink and Tot is bringing you a semi-bespoke piece to display on your wall, special memories wrapped up in the adventurous, exciting possibilities of a map, with a touch of magic included- will you follow the tracks to the fairy garden or the dragon cave?

We will work together to create a custom piece. A map to show off your family adventures. The map will include a bespoke illustration of your home, as well as cute icons representing your favourite places to visit- from art galleries, to Nana's House, to parks, even supermarkets! Wherever feels special to your family or makes your days what they are. I can also do custom illustrations of places of worship if you would like them included. As well as your best spots, we can also add some make believe elements so you can study the map and then spot the best place to see a mermaid, or hunt down a troll under a bridge. You'll also notice little animal tracks, or birds flying overhead. Small details to make it even more marvelous and wild.

Whether you live in the country, by the coast, or in the city, we will transform where you live into an untamed, magical land, whilst keeping enough familiarity that you know its where you belong; your home.

Each map is drawn up especially for you, with illustrations and icons added exactly where you need them, to make it bespoke to you. You can add special, personal captions-so "woodland" might become "The Squirrel Forests"-whatever your cute family nicknames are for places, we can use them.

The map can also be personalised with your family name, maybe one day a pirate will discover it buried on a secret island and find out all about you. Or... maybe your children will grow up and rediscover it in the loft and find joy in it and then show it to their children. Either is good.

The Ink and Tot Custom Family Adventure map - a semi bespoke product to celebrate the amazing things you get up to.



FAQ -please read before ordering

What information do I put in the email?

-list the icons you would like, the title you'd like on them, their postcode

Example: School icon, "Big School", PO11 3XX

-your family name for personalisation

-a photo of your home, additional locations (and place of worship if needed) plus their postcodes and titles. These custom drawings will remain in the colour scheme of the map, but if you'd like a particular colour front door etc, just ask!

What if our family is seperated so there are 2 family homes?

In this instance I'm happy to custom draw each parent/guardians home, just ask!

How many icons should I choose?

Its pretty much up to you, but I recommend 14-18 for a balanced looking final piece.

I don't have postcodes for the fairytale type icons!

Thats ok! I can either place them where I think they'd look best, or you can let me know something you think they would be close to.

What if a place we like is miles away? How will that work?

There are two options- you can choose a signpost icon to point to it, that I will label as directed, e.g. Signpost style 1, left hand side of map, saying "Nana's house, 120 miles"

Or, if you really want the illustrated icon, let me know the postcode still and I'll place it near the relevant edge of the map. I can label this with an arrow and "this way to..." if needed.

Will the map be to scale?

In a word; no. It is not exactly to scale, I use the postcodes to roughly plot the icons, but my priority is a map that is well laid out and looks beautiful on the wall so may make some slght adjustments.

How big an area does it cover?

This depends how far apart your postcodes are! The example shown covers roughly 25 miles from east to west, but it will be dependent on how far you like to travel on your trips! As mentioned above, places that are very far away from your home can be signposted.

Will I get to see it before it's sent to me?

Yes. Once the icons have been plotted, you'll be sent a low resolution draft image of the map for you to check the placements of them all. Once you're happy with the placement, I will then add titles, personalisations and final flourishes! Again a low res draft copy will be sent for you to check you are happy. Once you have confirmed this, your map will be sent to print.

Please note it's important that you check the spellings you have given me, and that you are happy with the final image. Refunds cannot be given on bespoke items for these reasons.

How long will it take?!

This depends on our email contact and how quickly you respond to draft copies, as well as how many other maps I’m completing at a time (they all get sent to print at the same time to keep costs down) However, I aim to despatch orders 4 weeks after receiving your postcode info/photos.

What size is the map?

It is giclee printed onto 240gsm matte paper sized at A2 (42 X 59.4cm) Please keep the map covered until framing to protect from marking!

What will you do with all my personal information?

Postcodes/photos/family names etc are used ONLY for the purposes of making your map and are not passed on to any third parties.

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